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ABC + D – Essential Needs for Health
By Inge Wetzel N.D., CNHP

A. To build we need enzymes as we do for activation.

Enzymes break down food for absorption and assimilation.

Essential oils are in the blood in three min. They are the blood of the plant,

thus very high in active ingredients.

To build a house you need a strong foundation so it stands at time of storm.

50 bowls of spinach has as much iron as one bowl 50 yrs ago.

Food Enzymes dig 30 gr carbs, 30 gr proteins and 20 gr fats.

Everything begins at cell level. The body creates tissues, tissues create organs,

organs create systems. If we give the body what it needs, the systems can function at cell level.

B.  Super Supplemental w/ minerals: Do you need one?

“Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.” JAMA 2002


The brain is 60% fat and you need it to think; EFA’s help balance sugar, protect the heart, skin, joints, keep the arteries clean etc. EFA’s are critical.

Lack of good fats causes us to crave fats. Good fats are necessary for the liver, hormones and immune system.

When the body holds on to the wrong fat, you increase in size and become toxic.

  1. EFA’S help reduce inflammation on the cells lining your intestines; they help with IBS, Colitis, and even cancer.                         INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY.
  2. Omega 3 proved to be the most effective method of treatment for surmounting acute whole-body resistance to insulin.                  NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE

Super ORAC:

Every time you eat, the body burns that fuel to create energy, just like a car burns fuel to run. But, just as a car disposes of toxic by-products, your body produces free-radicals. It is estimated that each cell in your body takes about 10,000 oxidative hits to its DNA daily. This is called “Free radical damage”. This oxidation is involved in many diseases: Cancer, Heart Disease, Memory loss, aging, wrinkles, PAD (any plaque build-up on the arteries).

Super ORAC destroys these free radicals and protects all tissues and cells in your body.

C. Cleanse:

Your lymph/blood/body is only as clean as your colon. Do you go three times a day?

If three trucks go into a tunnel, how many come out?

D. Direct Aid: Compass:

Compass is a form of Quantum Physics—   A Biofeedback system and the latest and greatest technology. It has been tested in over 1,000 hospitals. When you put your hand on the unit, it sends energies into the body to ask questions. Your body’s responses are measured and your personalized report is created. This hand-cradle contains a chip that takes conductivity readings from the skin to gather information on your entire body. It creates a report based on your priority issues.

The ultimate tool in Preventive Medicine.