Acid pH

The stomach empties quite rapidly and food is not properly digested.

An acid pH may produce:

Mineral utilization problems, cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, liver and kidney diseases, immune deficiencies, premature aging, accelerates free-radical damage, obesity, cardiovascular disease, inhibits oxygen getting to the tissues, which is the cause of all disease.


  • Alkalizing foods – See chart
  • Enzymes – Food Enzymes w/ meals, Protease Plus between meals on empty stomach.
  • Coral Calcium the most buffering calcium on the market.
  • Colloidal Minerals or chlorophyll.
  • Herbal Potassium, contains organic sodium & Potassium (buffers acid).
  • Vitamin A & D (instead of Cod Liver oil) 1 capsule = 400I.U. (cod liver oil: 3 capsules = 390 I.U.). A & D holds calcium in the body, which is needed to buffer acid.
  • No Vitamin C except Rosehips or Bioflavenoids.
  • Lemon/Maple Syrup drink 2 tsp. lemon, 2tsp. maple syrup to 8 oz. Water. Drink 4 – 8 glasses daily.
  • Alkalizing juice: mix carrot, celery, and beet 2 oz. each.
  • Herbs: Green Zone, Green Tea, Ginger, Yucca, Parsley.
  • Aromatherapy: Lemon 2 drops w/ 8 oz. water twice daily.
  • Alkaline Bath soak: – 1 C. Epsom salt, 2 tbsp. Ginger, 1 box baking soda – soak 20 minutes, then rinse.
  • Stomach Comfort: 2 Twice daily between meals. Use if other products fail to change pH.

The saliva comes from the lymph and indicates what you put into your body. The urine tells us what we take out of the body, the function of the kidneys and liver and the health of the blood.

Start with the first item and check pH levels. If improvements are not made, add next item and thus continue.  Combine this program with the “Eat Right for your Type” diet.