Alkaline pH and Food digesting too slow

An alkaline pH (both number are 7.0 or above) means that the body is stagnant. It is not digesting foods and eliminating toxins. This causes the body to start to decay from the inside out. When saliva pH is alkaline, the body is compensating for an over-acid condition and weak kidneys that can’t drive out the acids.

Use this program only if both numbers are alkaline.

6.4 is perfect pH

Symptoms: Mineral utilization problems. Toxic bowel, gall bladder, liver problems, skin problems, parasites, body odor, bad breath, allergies, chronic infections and weakened conditions.   High alkaline pH is considered more dangerous than acid pH and takes longer to correct.

Start w/ first item and add as necessary.

  • Liquid Calcium  contains Calcium Lactate, Gluconate, also Herbal CA (prevents bone-loss).
  • Enzymes needed  Proactazyme Plus or PDA w/ each meal and Protease Plus in between meals.
  • High levels of Vitamin C. This alone can bring numbers down.
  • Flax oil  1 Cap. 3 x daily or 2 Tbsp.
  • Colloidal Minerals and Ultimate Green Zone; very important for balancing.

Apple cider vinegar  1 tbsp. 3 x daily w/ honey to improve digestion.

No nuts, no nut butters, black pepper, or cheese (digestion is slow).

Support and cleanse the liver (Liver Cleanser) and kidneys (Urinary Maintenance/Kidney Drainage) especially important for alkaline pH.

Eat a higher percentage of acid forming foods especially grains, beans, proteins.

Eat lots of Acidophilus and yogurt.

The saliva indicates the digestive organs and what you put in the body. The urine tells us what we take out of the body, the function of the kidneys and liver and the health of the blood.

After you become acid again, you will stay this way for a while to allow the body to rid itself of these acids. After that, you need to work on coming back into balance.

Blood Type Diet

These programs work best if you learn to eat according to your blood type. If you do not know your blood type, you can contact us for a typing kit. The cost is $14.95.


I balanced my pH and started to eat for my blood type. In three months time I have lost 60 lbs. and my allergies have disappeared. I never felt so great.

Becki H.