Aromatherapy Air Freshener Gift Basket

These wonderful air fresheners are perfect for giving together as part of a gift basket, or individually as samples, door-prizes, or party favors.


  1. Mix 30 drops (about 1.5 ml) of your favorite essential oil or blend (or try one of our special holiday scent ideas below) to 1 oz. of distilled water in a 1 oz. spray bottle.
  2. Create a gift tag/label that tells the recipient how to use the bottle of air freshener, and the contents of the bottle (i.e. “Pine Air Freshener: contains 100% pure pine essential oil & water. Shake well and mist into the air as needed.”). You can also use these tags to write “To: ” and “From: ” information. Create your own unique tag, or download some of our email us for some sample gift tags (PDF file) that you are welcome to print and use on your own personal gifts.
  3. Use ribbon, string, yarn, raffia, or pipe cleaner to tie your tag to the neck of the bottle.
  4. To use the air freshener, shake well, and mist into the air as needed.

Holiday Scent Ideas

  • Candy Cane: Mix 30 drops of peppermint oil with 1 oz. pure, distilled water.
  • Evergreen/Christmas Tree: Mix 30 drops of pine needle oil with 1 oz. pure, water (or try blending clove and cinnamon oils with it).
  • Wassail: Mix 15 drops clove and 15 drops Red Mandarin or Bergamot oil with 1 oz. pure, distilled water.