Biological Terrain Assessment

Biological Terrain involves assessing the biological fluids of urine and saliva.  Measurement of specific factors within these fluids, may offer a window into the underlying functioning of the cells. Biological Terrain clinicians closely monitor this cellular environment in order to gather important information about an individual’s cellular health.

Many factors can create imbalances. These can include; poor nutrition, enzyme deficiencies, chronic stress, allergies, dehydration, surgery, genetic & hereditary factors, a disease process, certain drugs & medications, bacteria, viruses, fungi and a lack of sleep.  Certain heavy metals and environmental chemicals and toxins in the air, food and water can also create disturbances in the terrain environment.    Monitoring the Biological Terrain provides data that may provide information on:    How can I maintain health?   What type of diet is best for me and how can I help my body to enjoy greater vitality and longevity?   What is causing my dis-ease?


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