Breast Cancer

Who is at risk?
  • Women with a family history of developing breast cancer have a three to five times higher risk.
  • Women who started their menstrual periods before age 12.
  • Women who started menopause after age 55.
  • Women who had their first pregnancy after age 30.
  • Women who take Hormone Replacement Therapy.
  • Women who use birth control pills.
  • Women who take anti-depressants.
  • Women who are overweight.
  • Breast cancer is 400 times more common in women over the age of 50.
  • Breast cancer is more frequent in higher socioeconomic groups, unmarried women, urban areas and Jewish women.
  • Men also can develop breast cancer, but it is 200 times more prevalent among women.

The main cause of breast cancer is estrogen dominance. Dr. Mohr in England performed 3000 biopsies on breast cancer and concluded that in each case the individual was low in progesterone. He followed breast cancer patients for 18 years and noticed that women who had normal levels of progesterone on the day of surgery had a 64% survival rate, while women who had low levels of progesterone only had a 32% survival rate.

How is Estrogen Dominance created?

According to Dr. Lee, the author of “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”, there are five main causes.

ü      Diet: Too many sugars and refined carbohydrates. Sugar is to cancer what gasoline is to a car. A lack of phytoestrogens, which are found in soy foods is another issue. These phytoestrogens can literally block bad estrogen at the estrogen receptor cites.

ü      Stress: Constant or repeated stress causes the body to produce excess cortisol, which in turn can block progesterone from getting to its own receptor sites. Handling stress includes taking nervines like Nutricalm or Chinese Stress Relief. You may also try Nature’s Cortisol Formula.

ü      Latrogenic causes (caused by a medical doctor): Hormone Replacement Therapy is prescribed at ten times stronger levels than necessary. It increases the risk of breast and uterine cancer. Also the use of Anti-depressants increases the risk of breast cancer as it interferes with hormone levels.

ü      Environment: Growth Hormones (fed to cattle, dairy and poultry) are toxic synthetic hormones. Eat organic!  Also xenoestrogens, which are chemicals, act like estrogens in our body. These are found in plastics, foods prepared in plastics (foods heated in the microwave using plastic wrap greatly increases the estrogens), household and garden chemicals, cosmetics etc.

ü      Excessive calorie intake:  Excess calories (more than our daily requirement) are turned into estrogen.

Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance:
Water retention, water weight gain, breast tenderness, heavy menstrual bleeding, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, sugar cravings, mood swings (may accompany blood sugar fluctuations), and difficulty falling or staying asleep.

Prevention is the key.

Natural Progesterone (pro = for, gestation = life) is essential for procreation and is the dominant hormone in pregnancy. It regulates water metabolism, aids thyroid, protects cells from cancer (uterus, breast and prostate), calms the nervous system, helps to prevent strokes and has anti-depressant activity. This is not to be confused with synthetic progestins like Provera or Norgestol. These synthetic drugs increase the risk of cancer.

Indole-3-Carbinol in clinical studies have proven more effective than Tamoxifen in reducing estrogen dominance.

Pro-G-Yam 500 gives the essential amount of progesterone cream in ¼ tsp. daily to be applied to alternating soft tissue areas.

“You are what you eat”, so don’t eat processed and/or junk foods. Especially don’t overeat! Use high quality oils like Flaxseed oil, take Vitamin E w/ Selenium 800 I.U.’s daily, eat soy foods or take Phytosoy.

Paw Paw, discovered by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, who lost his sister to the side effects of allopathic cancer treatments. He spent 20 years searching for a non-toxic remedy for cancer. Paw Paw shuts off the energy to cancer cells so they can no longer reproduce. For more info look at the cancer article.

THAI GO: Made from Mangosteen – currently to most powerful antioxidant available on the market with an ORAC value (measurement of antioxidant strength) of over 100,000, clearly outperforming the competition. Thai Go is also three times stronger in immune response than the closest competitor.

High Potency Protease is designed to digest proteins. Cancer is a protein growth. When you take High Potency Protease, it will digest the growth, exposing the virus within, to the immune system. Nature’s Immune Stimulator is 200 times more potent than Echinacea. Anyone developing cancer has a compromised immune system. The ingredients in this combination cause the immune system to activate macrophages that can swallow up the cancer virus.

Try and reduce your stress levels. Remember to take your Nutricalm and find activities that put a smile on your face and make you laugh. Laughter is good medicine for the soul

Do not wear an under-wire bra, because it inhibits circulation and elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system, as do anti-perspirants by inhibiting perspiration and clogging the pores.

To help drain the lymphatics you can massage the breast in the direction of a horizontal figure “eight”. The essential oils of Frankincense and Clove can be added to a massage or carrier oil to help eliminate tumors or cysts. Take Lymphatic Drainage daily.

All this information along with a healthy diet and a smile on your face should keep you healthy, wealthy and wise.