Platinum – Caffeine Free

Platinum Caffeine Free:              Retail Price: $ 302.85         Member Price: $201.80
Gluten Free:                                     Retail Price: $308.65          Member Price: $205.80

60 Meal Replacements
4 bottles of herbs
1 bottle to support thyroid function


Easily digested protein helps the body burn excess fat more efficiently. By providing delicious meal replacements that provide 15 grams of protein and essential amino acids, you will be giving your body what it needs in a way to obtain the full benefit of what your eating.
Each serving provides 18 essential vitamins and minerals, over 1/3 of the daily value of vitamins and minerals your body needs, available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Chai flavors.
In this kit there is also an amylase inhibitor that naturally and safely interferes with the digestion of starchy carbohydrates.


The Gold kit contains two different combinations of herbs. The first combination helps the body to burn fat more efficiently and inhibit cholesterol formations and fat deposits, while keeping blood sugar levels from dipping. Garcinia Extract in this formula contains more than 50% hydroxycitric acid which alters fatty tissue growth and function. By suppressing the appetite naturally, cravings will be curbed while still attaining a feeling of being satisfied, while adding Chromium lessens sugar cravings. Other products are Chickweed, l-caritine

The second combination of herbs is designed to support the body’s weight-control mechanisms, curb the appetite, increase metabolism, reduce fatigue, promote energy and reduce fat. Also helps the liver metabolize fats correctly, keeping blood sugar levels from dropping, and dissolves cellulite and balance cholesterol.

How it works:

  • Hawthorn: Supports the Heart (cardiovascular health)
  • Chickweed: Burns and Emulsifies “fat” (also Cholesterol)
  • Papaya: Helps with Digestion, tones down bloating, and calms the stomach
  • Licorice: Helps keep blood sugar at a good level to reduce tiredness and cravings
  • Gotu Kola: Helps the mind set to be positive, helps mental endurance
  • Safflowers: Helps with digestion, a natural enzyme, also helps flush out aches when exercise is increased
  • Black Walnut: Supports the thyroid (our emotional gland) and attacks parasites that “talk” us into “cravings”
  • Cascara Sagrada: Helps move the “trash” out of the body, while helping the liver to “detox”
  • Dandelion: Is great for natural minerals t support joints, stomach and liver
  • Parthenium: Helps to detox and encourages the lymph to pump out trash as we “flush” fats
  • Fennel: Helps discourage gas, bloating and supports good digestion

Metabolism Booster

This booster resets the body’s resting metabolic rate and helps stimulate thermogenic enzymes without over-stimulating the nervous system. Enhancing conversion of T4 to T3 to  increase converting fat to fuel. (Not recommended for those with hyperthyroidism)

  • Safe way to help support the glandular system
  • Helps the body to accept a lower weight without binging again to come back to the weight you started with
  • helps increase the resting metabolic rate of the body
  • encourages brain stamina
  • Food for the individual who wants to be fit naturally, without adding to androgen or estrogen
  • A safe natural metabolite of DHEA

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