Cadmium is a catalyst for cancer growth.  You wouldn’t believe how much Cadmium you have ingested today?

Cadmium is a toxin commonly found in cigarette smoke, animal liver, shellfish, municipal waste, batteries, drinking water and fertilizers. Cadmium has been shown to trigger cancerous tumor growth in cultured cells and laboratory animals. According to recent studies by the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Pathology at the University of Western Ontario, cadmium appears to act as a “fertilizer” that stimulates the growth and spread of malignant tumors. Injections of cadmium increased the number of tumors to other parts of the body, including lung, lymph nodes and liver.  Low dose exposure ultimately fueled more aggressive cancer spread and progression.  Experimental results indicate that repeated exposures to the carcinogenic inorganic cadmium can result in the more rapid onset of more highly aggressive tumors.

To remove these toxins you can take Mega Chel, high doses of natural Vitamin C (food source, not synthetic), and Colloidal Minerals. Using a “natural” organic substance will remove its inorganic counterpart. Enviro-Detox will also remove toxins from your body.  One of the newest and best total body-cleansers we now have is called: CLEAN START. This is a 14-day detoxification program. We are receiving wonderful testimonies about this program. It is amazing how energy and mood seem to go up when toxins are removed from the body. The skin improves and eyes become clearer. To help avoid ingesting cadmium: Eat organic produce!!

“I had been diagnosed with lung cancer, received chemo and radiation and was then told to go home, because it didn’t work. We changed our eating habits, and got on supplements. My pain is all gone, my energy is up and I feel better then ever.”   L.B. Clever MO.

The medical community expects 50% of Americans will have cancer by the year 2005.

The body naturally produces free radicals, which are uncontrolled free ranging atoms.  These free radicals attack cells and cause them to mutate, which then can develop into cancerous growths as these cells start to multiply. Stress increases our levels of free radicals. Another way we increase the free radicals in our body is by using rancid oils. These are oils that have been heated above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, any time you heat oil, it becomes rancid.  The oils you buy in the grocery store are all rancid. When you drive by fast food establishments, you can smell the rancidity from the oils in the air. We should only use cold-pressed oils of good quality and make sure they have not been heated after they have been cold-pressed.

Dr. Johanna Budwig wrote a book, Book Name, on curing cancer by using Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.  Flaxseed oil is highly beneficial and contains all three Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9. Besides helping with cancer, it also helps with skin, hormone, cardiovascular, joint and memory problems. It is available in bulk and in capsules and needs to be refrigerated.

“My husband had been diagnosed with cancer and sent home with no hope on March 11th, 2000. We changed our eating habits, started him on supplements and on April 28th, 2000 the medical doctors couldn’t find any trace of cancer in his blood.”  P.E. Lebanon, MO.