The Compass is a form of “Quantum Physics” A Biofeedback system and the latest and greatest technology.

When you put your hand on the unit, it sends energies into the body. This hand-cradle contains a chip that takes conductivity readings from the skin.

When your hand is on the cradle, the computer sends signals to your body, at 400 million bytes per second, to find out information.

When your body receives the signal, it will respond with a shift in GSR (Galvanic Skin Response). The software then analyzes the responses and creates a report that is easy for you to understand.

During the first phase of the bio-survey, the computer will establish a baseline. The following responses are then compared to the baseline in order to create the report.

The report is prioritized in order of importance and focuses on bringing the organs back into balance. It will determine which supplements are therapeutic and balancing to your body.


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