Dr Inge Wetzel

Doctor Wetzel is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, and a Certified Natural Health Practitioner (CNHP).  Along with those credentials, she holds numerous other certifications.  Her vision is to reach the world and improve spiritual, emotional and physical health.

In an effort to educate people and give them charge of their own health, she founded: “Cedars of Lebanon, School of Natural Health” in 2001. The people who have taken her classes are spreading the knowledge and touching lives of their own, and so continuing her vision.

You can see the students that completed the classes by visiting this page.

Our classes are listed below.

Constitutional Iridology  $55.00

This form of iridology studies the genetics of the person, based on eye-color. Each color has specific genetic weaknesses and health concerns. This class teaches the specifics of each eye color and prevention.

Intro to Nutrition $45.00

This class teaches you about the effects of food on the body at cellular level, proper food combinations and when the body needs which foods to function. We talk about vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and the benefits and symptoms of deficiency along with food-sources.

Certified Nutritional Consultant Certification $125.00

This is an in-depth study of nutrition, and is a correspondence course, not for the faint at heart. You learn not only about food and cellular level functions, but also how different fats, proteins and other nutrients effect your body’s health and pH balance. There are useable and non-useable proteins, low stress and high stress proteins. You learn how to reduce heart disease, balance blood-sugar, and  improve and protect your brain. It goes into enzymes, the 24-hour cycle of your organs, and much more. This is a VERY serious course that will teach you how to control your weight.

Certified Herbalist Course $175.00

What are herbs and why do they work? Quality control in the industry makes the difference. What do all the different herbs do for you and how do you use them? What do your nails, tongue and face say about your health.

Anatomy and Physiology $125.00

Allopathic medicine treats symptoms, however, most herbalists do too. Sometimes we need to alleviate symptoms, however, we need to find out the cause of the problem and correct the underlying issues.

Certified Aromatherapist Level I $75.00

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using botanical essential oils to create and maintain physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. You’ll learn how to use and blend the oils, using different methods of application. You learn what the different oils are used for and get hands-on experience. Whether you want to make bath, or beauty or health products, aromatherapy is fun and exciting.

Natural Solutions your doctor doesn’t want you to know

This is several hours of education on using NSP products for all kinds of different ailments. These combinations have been tried and proven to work. This power-point presentation will feature myself, Dale Scott MH, and Mary Ward MH.

The Woman and her Thyroid DVD $20.00

This presentation gives you a basic and necessary understanding of hypo-and hyperthyroidism. You CANNOT feed the thyroid while neglecting related nutrients and organs. The body needs balance and the thyroid DOES NOT function by itself. This presentation has changed many lives.

Thyroid in pregnancy and infancy DVD $20.00

Women undergo many emotional and physical changes during pregnancy and after child-birth. Things happen to our body that we don’t necessarily understand. When the baby is born, you may get frustrated and wonder why you’re having problems with your child.

Thyroid in relationship to Diabetes, Cholesterol & your Brain. DVD $20.00

Thyroid hormones play a crucial role in both of these diseases. Your medications may actually make it worse. There’s lots of research that has been swept under the rug about this subject. Genetics do play a role, but not because your family had diabetes or high cholesterol. Get educated so you will avoid the pitfalls of allopathic medicine.

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