We wrote a couple of articles on “Impotence” to counteract the publicity on the drug “Viagra”. In the meantime we have been approached by a number of women asking for help with the same problem. At times it seems like we are still living in a “men’s world”. Many women struggle with guilt-like feelings, due their lack of sexual desire for their spouse. Let us first examine the causes of this condition. If you are not menopausal, check your thyroid by taking your temperature before arising in the morning. A temperature below 97.8 degrees usually indicates a low thyroid. If you are menopausal, we need to deal with the hormonal issues. Not only does your Estrogen level drop at this point, but also your Progesterone and Testosterone levels. Often women believe (or are made to believe), that they need to take Estrogen replacement to help their symptoms and to protect bone-mass and heart. I can assure you that I meet many women who have been on estrogen-replacement for years, and still have Osteoporosis. Neither does it help libido most of the time. Many times a small boost of Testosterone can make a real difference. For this you can take DHEA-M, or X-A with Yohimbee. These are wonderful combinations, which include Sarsparilla as well as Damiana. Both of these herbs have a long libido-enhancing history. Other herbs that might help are FC with Dong Quai or Pro-G-Yam cream. If you are still struggling with vaginal dryness, try using a gelcap of Vitamin E, externally. Results don’t usually come overnight, since the herbs do need to build up in your system, however, we have seen wonderful results using DHEA-F along with PRO-G-YAM cream, or any of the above-mentioned combinations.