Liver Cleansing


So when you clean your house this spring, you’ll want to consider cleaning your liver as well. According to the EPA , there are almost 6 trillion pounds of chemical waste released into the environment each year. Add to this exposure the toxic elements found in household cleaners, building materials, personal care products etc., and we are talking toxic overload!

Your liver breaks down harmful toxins

Your liver is an important toxin-remover filtering about two quarts of blood daily. It removes bacteria, their byproducts and other toxins and converts them into non-toxic substances for removal via the bowel. This conversion process has two parts and involves the use of two separate groups of enzymes. The first initializes breakdown and the latter completes breakdown and prepares for elimination.

The first part of conversion generates numerous free radicals, which if not neutralized by antioxidants, can damage the liver. The most important antioxidant involved in the latter breakdown process is Glutathione. A lack of Glutathione causes breakdown to be incomplete leaving harmful wastes toxins from the first phase which are extremely detrimental to our body.

Fatigue, Mental Impairment and Poor Health Are Symptoms of Toxic overload!

When the toxicity level becomes too high, or when you lack certain nutrients, the detoxification process becomes impaired. As we get older this cleansing mechanism falters, the toxins accumulate and we become increasingly more sensitive. This may result in allergies, fatigue, aches and pains, tension in the shoulders, difficulty concentrating, neurological disorders, skin problems, headaches, autoimmune disorders and overall poor health.

Tiao He Cleanse is a good overall body cleanser especially when shoulder tension is accompanied by headaches. Tiao He Cleanse should be taken for a month and it is recommend that two capsules of LIV-C with each packet of Tiao He Cleanse.

This Herb Boosts your Detox Powers and Rejuvenates Your Liver

If I could get only one product for the liver it would be Milk Thistle Combination. It has been used for centuries by Europeans to treat Jaundice and other liver disorders. Today there are over 150 studies supporting the use of this herb. The active ingredient “Silymarin” not only increases Glutathione levels, but prevents the depletion of Glutathione, thus increasing the ability for detoxification by up to 35%. To top this off, Silymarin stimulates the production of new liver cells.

Milk Thistle Combination also contains Vitamin C which is particularly important because it helps the body manufacture and increase stores of Glutathione.

The next ingredient is Dandelion, which has been used for centuries by the Chinese and Europeans in detoxification of the liver. Dandelion also stimulates the kidneys and thus helps eliminate toxins via the urinary system.

Choline is another important ingredient in this combination. Recent research supports its role in treating Hepatitis A & B. It helps in major nerve, psychiatric, infectious and cardiovascular diseases. Scientists believe it restores the membranes of liver cells.

Inositiol cooperates with choline to protect the liver. Inositol is associated with neurotransmitters within the nervous system and is essential for managing numerous cells within this system.


  • Drink 10 – 12 ounces of pure water every day.
  • Clean up your diet by eating wholesome foods, including cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, oranges, tangerines etc.
  • Take a Super Supplemental daily, preferably with Colloidal Minerals.
  • Take Tiao He Cleanse for 30 days with two LIV-C each time.
  • For maintenance, take Milk Thistle combination off and on a couple times a year.
  • If you have specific liver problems or elevated liver enzymes, feel free to contact us with your questions.