No moons: Lack of circulation

Large moons: Possible heart disease, or hyperactive thyroid

Vertical Ridges Lack of Hydrochloric Acid and/or minerals

Clear nails Anemia

Red dots Pinworms

Raised cuticles Excessive protein

Pink nails Good circulation

Horizontal waves Calcium/nerve problems

Hard, white & chalky nails Severe chronic disease, hormone imbalance, anemia

Short, shrunk & withered nails Malnutrition

Spoon-shaped nails Tendency to infection (nails curl up)

Blue nails Lack of oxygen, possible heart disease

Purple nails Heart inflammation

Green nails Too much copper, excessive liver

Soft nails Calcium/Protein deficiency

Bleeding nails Excessive animal protein

Turned down nails Excessive mucous lungs, lack of oxygen

Flat nails Weak lymphatic system, tonsillitis + acute disorders.

Cracks and splitting at tip Kidney problems