Supplements and Oils for your special day!



 X-Action for women

  L-arginine helps facilitate blood flow to the reproductive area and promotes circulation. Maca root and Damiana may provide a natural means for improving desire and performance. It may also enhance physical energy and endurance and help buffer the effects of stress.


 Ylang Ylang  

The Flower of Flowers 

The most potent aphrodisiac in aromatherapy,

Sensual, sweet, voluptuous, joyous.

Calming, good for high blood pressure.

Used medicinally as an antidepressant and for

any kind of sexual dysfunction.



Another oil that many aromatherapy books list as an aphrodisiac, Sandalwood helps to project your life energy upward from the base energy center.  This effect is good for you, whether you are single or in a relationship.

Sandalwood does not increase sexual desire.

However, if your life energy is strong and directed upward, others may find you more attractive.



I have come into my garden, my bride;                

I have gathered my Myrrh with my spice.

                                      Song of Solomon



The spice oil, like Cinnamon,  indeed does just that. It helps get your partner in the mood.