Dr Inge Wetzel

Dr Inge Wetzel (sounds like Inga wet-zel) taught a Health and wellness class at Sheffield Family Church in 2007. Many people’s lives were changed from her teaching. She taught that you can change your health by what you eat. There is the famous saying, you are what you eat. she confirms this is true. A video was put together of some testimonies from the people that attended the class and the results they experienced. You can watch for free here.

I have to say, I think the program you have me on is working great. I am feeling better than I can remember in many, many years. Some of it is hard to put into words, it is just an overall feeling of better health. I really appreciate your help

It was out of pure desperation I ended up in Dr. Wetzel office. I had been going through two years of serious medical issues. Diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, had two major surgeries, two radioactive iodine treatments, up and down on medications and I felt absolutely horrible. My doctors were great at what they did but rarely took a whole body approach. My TSH was ‘normal’ but I felt very hypothyroid. Achy, fatigued, muscle spasms, depressed, sad, lethargic, couldn’t concentrate, weight gain, etc. I was miserable!

Dr. Wetzel was so sweet. She listened, she looked me in eye, and she genuinely cared about my situation. She didn’t ignore one symptom, not one. After a few test and assessments, she started me on a regimen and within 3 weeks I noticed a difference. Everyone around me noticed a difference! I had more energy, I felt more like myself, I felt more stable, happier, more balanced and my bowels were moving regularly. It was amazing! I have recommended two family members to her and I’m sure there will be more to come. It’s truly been a life changing experience for me.

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