Thyroid Questionnaire

Is your hair dry or are you loosing hair?

Have your menstrual periods been heavy or irregular?

Do you have joint aches and pains?

Are your nails brittle?

Do you get muscle cramps?

Are your muscles weak?

Is your skin dry?

Puffy face and/or skin?

Intolerance to cold or heat?

Gained weight around the waist or unable to gain weight?

Skin has become coarse?

Are you Constipated (less than two BM’s daily)?

Is your digestion slow?

Do you sweat less?

Do your fingers tingle?

Has your hearing worsened?

Have you experienced a milky discharge from your breasts?

Has your heartbeat been slow?

Do you have high or low blood pressure?

Do you have blood sugar problems?

Has your voice become hoarse?

Have you been experiencing stiffness?

Have you been fatigued?

Have your eyes been dry?

Have you been experiencing shortness of breath during exercise or reduced tolerance to exercise?

Do you have low body temperature? (below 97.8)

Is your blood pressure low?

Do you feel low or depressed?

Do you have sluggish bowels?

Do you have difficulty concentrating.?

Do you suffer with ADD/ADHD?

If you answered yes to four or more of the preceding questions you may be hypo-thyroid.

If you answered yes to six of the preceding questions, you probably are hypothyroid.

If your temperature runs below 97.8, it is quite certain that you have a low thyroid. Dr. Broda Barnes did a clinical study on over 1,000 students and showed that the underarm temperature test was more accurate than the blood test.