Travel tips with Aroma Therapy


Peppermint essential oil applied to the feet, temples, and wrists can all be effective at counteracting the feelings of motion sickness that can arise on flights. Inhaling the scent of peppermint oil from a tissue, inhaler, or aromatic pendant can also help calm feelings of nausea.

Calming Children

Sitting in a confined place for a long time can often be trying for young children. To help them calm down,  use a massage oil made with 15 drops of chamomile in  2 tablespoons of a carrier oil. Massage a small amount on the child’s legs and feet. Other oils that are good for calming include lavender, jasmine, and ylang ylang.

Car Travel

Taking Aromatherapy With You in the Car

Since space is limited, and things can easily become lost under a seat or in the clutter that inevitably happens during long car trips (especially on trips with small children), a little organization and planning can help keep your essential oil necessities accessible and ready to use the moment they are needed. To keep them handy, you can:

  • Place a few essential oils you may use in the car. Put small vials in a small zip-top bag or small padded case. Keep this bag or case in the glove-compartment or in a convenient dashboard tray, seat pocket, or cup-holder for quick and easy access.
  • Make several types of wipes or tissues and place them in small, zip-top bags, labeled with what they are. Place all of the smaller bags in a larger zip-top bag and place this in the glove-compartment, or a convenient seat pocket where they can be easily accessed.

Staying Alert

Keeping the constant vigilance needed to safely drive and arrive at your destination requires an alert mind. Lemon, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils applied to the temples and bottoms of feet can help with alertness. Diffusing invigorating oils such as these in the car can also help. You can use small 4 oz. spray bottles with an invigorating blend of essential oils (such as 110 drops peppermint, 35 drops cinnamon, and 20 drops patchouli in 4 oz. of water) to mist in the car to help keep the driver alert (being careful not to spray this mixture around the eyes) (pg. 86). If the driver is feeling very tired, they should stop driving and take a break.

Car Sickness

In order to help alleviate the motion sickness that many people experience during car trips, we recommend using a drop of peppermint oil placed on a xylitol mint and then eaten. Of course you can first try a basic Peppermint Xylitol Mint .We also recommends scenting the air in the car with a few drops of peppermint to lengthen the stomach-calming effect of the peppermint oil. It can also help to keep looking outside, to open a window to get fresh air into the car, or to close your eyes until the feelings of sickness subside.

Staying Cool and Refreshed

While traveling during the summer months, especially when the car has been parked in the hot sun for a while, even a good air conditioner in the car doesn’t always work fast enough to keep you cool. Several essential oils that have a cooling effect include citrus oils, eucalyptus, lavender, Tee Trea, Peppermint, and Roman chamomile. Diffuse these oils in the car, place a few drops in a small spray bottle filled with water to spray in the car (being careful not to spray close to people’s eyes), or create your own cooling wipes to use on the skin.

Food Poisoning – For a mild case of food poisoning mix 2-3 drops of Ylang Ylang oil in a carrier oil and massage over the stomach area.

Insomnia – Lavender, Roman Chamomile, & Peace & Calming are great relaxing and calming oils. Spray them around the sleeping area before going to bed.
Muscle Soreness – Tei Fu is the best oil that I have found for muscles aches & pains. Mix into a carrier oil and massage into the muscle. Works on muscle craps as well.
Tension Headaches – Roman Chamomile. Apply to temples, back of neck, and shoulders. It is easiest to use if it is mixed up in a roller bottle.